2009 Faculty

  • Scott Whittemore, PhD
    Spinal Cord Injury causes many changes at the molecular level that damage or destroy key components of the nervous system that carry signals to and from the brain – including neurons, axons and the myelin coating that protects the nervous system much […]
  • John W. McDonald, PhD
    Dr. McDonald graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana in 1985 with Bachelor’s of Science degree, magna cum laude, in Neuroscience. From there he matriculated at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he began a combined M.D./Ph.D. program […]
  • Douglas Kerr, PhD
    Dr. Kerr is an Associate Professor of Neurology with a joint appointment in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology; and Cellular and Molecular Medicine. He specializes in transverse myelitis and multiple sclerosis. Dr. Kerr has established the Johns Hopkins Transverse […]
  • Philip Horner, PhD
    Dr. Horner’s research focuses on regeneration in the central nervous system (CNS) with an emphasis on stem cell and progenitor cell biology. His primary interests are in the molecular controls of neural and glial cell interactions in models of demyelination, […]
  • Jose Cibelli, DVM, PhD
    Dr. Cibelli currently holds the position of Professor of Animal Biotechnology at Michigan State University. He heads the Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory in the Departments of Animal Science and Physiology. From October 1999 until December 2002 he was the vice president […]
  • Hans Keirstead, PhD
    Reeve-Irvine Research CenterAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Anatomy & Neurobiology Development of strategies to limit degeneration and enhance regeneration after spinal cord injury, with emphasis on human embryonic stem cells The focus of the Keirstead laboratory is the development of strategies to […]
  • Keith Tansey, MD, PhD
    Dr. Keith Tansey joined Shepherd Center as Director of Spinal Cord Injury Research in 2008 and simultaneously was appointed to the Departments of Neurology and Physiology at Emory University School of Medicine and to the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic at […]
  • Wise Young, MD, PhD
    Founding Director, Professor II, The Richard H. Shindell Chair in Neuroscience 2012 News: New York Daily News Interview About the First Multi-Center Clinical Trials in ChinaAt about 20 centres in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, stem cells are injected into patients’ damaged […]
  • Steven L. Stice, PhD
    Professor, GRA Eminent Scholar and Director of the Regenerative Bioscience Center at University of Georgia and CSO, Aruna Biomedical Inc. Dr. Steven Stice has over 16 years of research and development experience in biotechnology and is a co-founder of five […]
  • Ann Kiessling, PhD
    Dr. Kiessling is Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation. She holds bachelor’s degrees in nursing and chemistry, a master’s degree in organic chemistry and a doctorate in biochemistry/biophysics from […]